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Squated vitrine

February 28, 2006

The project of “squatted vitrine ” was going on from December 2004 till May 2005. The gallery ‘s concept was to organize every Sunday an exhibition by always inviting a different artist to expose art in our vitrine for a period of 1 week. We also invited some musicians and djs to play at the opening evenings. The idea of the whole thing was to mix art scene with music scene, and to spice up the city scene with a steady arty underground hang out on sundays. The project went very well. Unfortunately we had to leave the location by May 2005, and the project stopped!


DEC 2004…

-Last plak … wall graphiti

-P.Bloem-oil … drawings

-Bart de wolf … installation

JAN 2005
-Barbara … photography

-Pinwin … street art

-Karina Ewa Grenczyk … paintings and graphics

-Rene … gothic art

-Mounira el Solh … video projection


FEB 2005
Dr.Mary Bloody Mary&The genetical research centre-Live performance

Marq .. paintings

Danny … comics and shitz

Ferry van Speijn … black and white drawings

MARCH 2005

Oles … street art

06:23 AM … video representation and sound performance

BIC, Bitches in controle … street art

Evalien Lang … ink drawings

APRIL 2005

Gert Jan V/D Akerboom … mix media

Margot Rijven … African dream 3d

David Bolee … pyromancer and poetry

Mark mik … acrylic paintings

MAY 2006

Pepe … backdrops and paintings

Arnoud Schuurman … installation

Tanja … photography

De booreilanben … paintings and objects

Zbiok & Stiopa … street art,paintings,and sound performance

JUNE 2005

Tic toc … street art,installation

Marcel, Joost and the girlz … paintings,installations…

Party at “de Fabriek”

February 27, 2006


Robodock 2004

January 28, 2006


September 2004, squatdeluxe provided a wall of sound to Robodock festival in Amsterdam.
Music didn’t stop for 3 days, despite the bad weather…

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