Microfoons & DI’s

BSS AR133 DI (actief)

1/4″ Jack en XLR input
Fantoom en batterij voeding

€ 6,00

DPA d:fine 66 dual headset microfoon


DPA d:fine 66 dual ear headset microfoon
* Omnidirectional
* Beige
Met mini XLR connector voor gebruik met Shure zenders.

€ 30,00

Neumann KM184 microfoon


KM184 condensator microfoon, cardioid pattern.
Per stuk of stereo set.

€ 14,00   per stuk

Rode NT5 microfoon set


RODE NT5 matched PAIR, true condenser transducer with cardiod pattern, gold sputtered 1/2″ capsule, low noise, full frequencyresponse, windshield and standmount.

€ 18,00 per set van 2

Sennheiser e904 microfoon


Dynamic Cardioid Drum Mic with Built-in Rim Clip.

€ 7,00

Sennheiser e906 microfoon

Professional super-cardioid, dynamic instrument mic. Versatile to handle drums, percussion, and guitar amplifiers. Switchable presence filter to tailor its sonic characteristics to different requirements.

€ 7,00

Sennheiser MD 421 microfoon


€ 10,00

Shure Beta52 microfoon


€ 7,00

Shure Beta58 microfoon


Vocal mic

€ 7,00

Shure RPM626 voorversterker


Preamp TA4F to XLR male

€ 5,00

Shure SM57 microfoon


Drum, guitar and vocal mic

€ 5,00

Shure SM58 microfoon

Shure SM 58

Vocal mic.

€ 5,00

Shure UR1 body pack


Shure UR1 UHF-R Pocket Transmitter, frequency-range K4E.

€ 15,00

Shure UR2/Beta58A draadloze microfoon


Shure UR2/Beta 58A, UHF-handheld transmitter with Shure Beta58A capsule, dynamic, supercardioid, K4E, Infrared-synchronisation, Display, frequency and on/off lock, light-metal housing, 2x AA batteries

€ 30,00

Shure UR4D+ UHF-R dual receiver


Shure UR4D+, 2 channel true diversity-UHF-receiver,
K4E 606 – 666 MHz

Up to 47 frequencies per group simultaneous, up to 3000 switchable frequencies, Infrared synchronization between transmitter and receiver (frequency, pre amping, groups, block up the switches on transmitter, HF-power), 6 free programable groups, AMX/Crestron compatible, Audio Reference Companding, network with USB/Ethernet, removeable antennas, plug for headphones, LED for RF and audio, display for example for battery

€ 70,00

Shure WB98H/C microfoon


condenser clip microphone with gooseneck, cardioid pattern, 20Hz-20kHz, designed for wind & percussion instruments, 4-pole TA4F connection for wireless systems

€ 10,00

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