DiGiCo S31 digitale mixer

24/48 kanaals digital mixer
24 mic inputs (48 met optioneel MADI stage rack)
12 line outputs
31 faders
3 touch screens
96kHz sample rate


Mackie 802VLZ3 mixer


Compact analog mixer.

5 channels:
2 x mono mic / mono line
1 x mono mic / stereo line
2 x stereo line

Main (XLR & jack), alternate, aux, control room
XLR main out switchable line / mic +4dBu level

1 x mono aux send, stereo aux return
Tape in & out

€ 17,50

Midas Venice F 32


Midas Venice F-32 – professional live mixer, 24x mono & 4x mono/stereo inputs, 48V/Phase per channel, 80Hz low cut, 4-band EQ with 2x full parametric mids and semi param. low/hi, switch for firewire in/out, 6x AUX, signal & peak LED, 4 groups, 2 stereo AUX return, Firewire port with 32 Send and 32 Returns works with audio software. internal power supply.

€ 120,00

Pioneer DJM-900NXS2


Pioneer DJM-900NXS2
DJ mengtafel
2xUSB & LAN connections
Built-in USB sound card
Rekordbox (DVS), ProDJ Link, MIDI
Built-in FX with X-PAD control
Inputs: Digital (coaxial), CD/LINE (RCA), PHONO (RCA), MIC (XLR/TRS jack)
Outputs: Master (XLR/RCA), Booth (TRS jack), Headphone (jack/mini-jack), REC (RCA), Digital (coaxial)
Send/Return (TRS jack)

€ 50,00

Soundcraft EFX8 mixer met interne effecten


Compact mixer with effects.

Channels: 8 x mono mic/line, 2 x stereo line
Sends: 1 x FX send, 1 x aux send

24bit Lexicon effects
XLR and jack main outputs

€ 30,00

Soundcraft Si Expression 1 digitale mixer

Soundcraft Si Expression 1
Small format live sound digital mixer
16 XLR mic/line inputs + 4 jack line inputs
16 XLR outputs
Freely assignable faders and patching
20 groups/busses, 4 FX busses, 8 matrix busses, LR & C busses
Graphic EQ on every bus
Lexicon effects engine
Touch screen & FaderGlow interface

€ 80,00

Yamaha 01V96i


Yamaha 01V96i Digital Mixing Console, 40 Mix Channels (32 Mono + 4 Stereo), 16 anlogue Inputs (12x XLR/TR Mic/Line + 4x TR Line), Stereo Out XLR balanced, Monitor Out 2x TRS balanced, 4x TRS Omni Out balanced, ADAT I/O, S/PDIF I/O coax, 24bit/96kHz AD/DA Converters, USB 2.0 Connection for 16x In/Out up to 96kHz, 8x Mix Bus, 8x Aux Bus, VCM DSP Effects, REV-X Reverb, up to 4 Effects simultaneously (24bit/44.1/48kHz), 4-Band EQ + Comnpressor and Gate on each Mono-Channel, 100mm Motor Fader, Word Clock, MIDI In/Out/Thru, DAW support, Studio Manager V2 support, Expansion Slot

€ 75,00

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